We are an association of nonprofit medically tailored food and nutrition service providers.

Our Purpose

To provide a complete, evidence-based, medical food and nutrition intervention to critically and chronically ill people in their communities

To advance public policy that supports access to food and nutrition services for people with severe and/or chronic illnesses

To promote research on the efficacy of food and nutrition services on health outcomes and cost of care

To share best practices in the provision of medically tailored meals and of nutrition education and counseling.


“Public policy based on an understanding that Food is Medicine will be a win for healthcare and for the well-being of those who are sick, poor and malnourished..”

— Karen pearl, chair


Our Policy

Food is Medicine - Nutrition is integral to people flourishing and to the treatment and management of diseases that threaten us. As a provider community, we believe that one should not have to face the dual crises of illness and hunger. We also know that without access to nourishment that meets the needs of the particular person, taking into account their illness, allergies, medications and personal needs, we will fail in our project to create health in our society. By making medically tailored nutrition and food central to our healthcare system we will produce better health outcomes, lower the cost of care and improve patient satisfaction. 

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by Julia Choi, Meals- God’s Love We Deliver

by Julia Choi, Meals- God’s Love We Deliver

What are Medically Tailored Meals?

Medically tailored meals (MTM) are meals approved by a RDN that reflect appropriate dietary therapy based on evidence-based practice guidelines. Diet/meals are recommended by a RDN based on a nutritional assessment and a referral by a health care provider to address a medical diagnosis, symptoms, allergies, medication management and side effects to ensure the best possible nutrition-related health outcomes.


Our Research


more likely to be discharged to their homes rather than another facility


average monthly health care costs for patients battling life-threatening illness who received medically tailored meals and medical nutrition therapy (MNT)


fewer hospital admissions


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