Food is Medicine Coalition Policy Goals

  1. Establish Coverage for Medically Tailored Meals in Medicaid & Medicare

    • Coverage for Medically Tailored Meals in Medicaid

      • Support medically tailored meals as a benefit for the sickest of the sick in the Medicaid statute, which would prevent the uneven access currently available through the use of state-based waivers

    • Coverage for Medically Tailored Meal in Medicare

      • Add “medically tailored meals” to the definition of “medical and other health services” in the Medicare statute for Medicare Part B.

  2. Promote Research on Medically Tailored Meals

    • Allocate research dollars to fill gaps in the current research on Medically Tailored Meals and their effect on health outcomes and healthcare costs

  3. Protect Investment in Ryan White

  • Increase Ryan White Program funding to address the Public Health Crisis and capitalize on the opportunity to end the HIV epidemic.


National Policy Briefing Sheet 

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Medically tailored meals must be incorporated as a reimbursable service for the highest-risk, highest-need individuals in our healthcare system: the sickest of the sick that cost the healthcare system the most. Medically tailored meals are not merely a good option; they are indispensable for achieving our national health goals.”
— Karen Pearl, President & CEO, Gods Love We Deliver