Sponsored by:

8th Annual

Advocacy Capacity Building Project

National Symposium


September 24-26, Washington, DC  


The Annual Advocacy Capacity Building Project (ACBP) National Symposium is a professional development experience for nonprofit, medically-tailored food and nutrition services (FNS) providers from across the country to share best practices in services delivery and healthcare innovation, educate public officials on the efficacy of FNS and advocate for the inclusion of FNS for people living with severe illness in healthcare policy reform. 

The National Symposium is part of the Advocacy Capacity Building Project that is made possible through the generous support of the MAC AIDS Fund, which is committed to building grassroots support for food and nutrition services (FNS) for people with HIV and other critical illnesses in communities across the country. The Advocacy Capacity Building Project is a comprehensive advocacy capacity training program designed to establish a firm foundation for FNS agencies to have a voice in local, state and national advocacy for services for our vulnerable clients. 

Each year, attendees are thrilled with their experience at the Symposium:

“This was honestly one of the best national level meetings I have attended since I started working in the field."

"Over the years, the Symposium has been consistently excellent!"

"This gathering brought new energy and ideas to our work."

We hope you will join us.

Attendance Criteria:

Please note that the ACBP National Symposium is open and free for staff, volunteers or Board members from food and nutrition services agencies that meet the following criteria:

1.) Your food and nutrition services program must focus services specifically on people living with severe or life-altering illnesses, and a significant portion of services must go to PWH (people living with HIV/AIDS).

2.) Your food and nutrition services program must in some way tailor its services to the nutritional needs of people living with severe or life-altering illnesses, including HIV/AIDS.

There is no registration fee. You will be responsible for your food, travel and lodging. Please see below. 

Symposium Details:

The registration form follows this informational section.

When: Monday, September 24 (8:30 am-5 pm and reception & dinner at Food & Friends), Tuesday, September 25 (Hill Day -Breakfast at 8:00 am -Return to Hogan Lovell at 1:30 for lunch and afternoon program until 5 pm with an optional dinner option TBD), and Wednesday, September 26, 2018 (8:30 am breakfast followed by lunch and closing finishing by 3:00 pm) 

Deadline to Register: August 1


The Offices of Hogan & Lovell

Columbia Square
555 Thirteenth Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20004
United States

Approximate Cost for Each Attendee:

  • Registration: Free
  • Hotel: $239/night +tax
  • Food: $230 for full food for the three days of the Symposium. Other options are available depending on days attended and dinner options.
  • Travel to, from and within DC: Dependent on place of origin

Hotel: The Wink Hotel- 1143 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20037

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of the hotel, God's Love staff will handle all hotel bookings based on your answers in the registration form below. We will follow up with payment options after we have submitted our bookings to the hotel. Our room block is ONLY for the nights of September 23, 24 and 25.  If you require extra nights you will have to call the hotel. We are unable to arrange extra room nights based on the terms of our contract.

    Food: While there is no registration fee to attend the 3-day Symposium, you will be assessed a stipend for food. Unless previously communicated to you via email, all attendees are responsible for paying for a Meal Plan. The Meal Plans are as follows:

    • 3-day Meal Plan: $230, including breakfast and lunch for 3 days, the reception at Food & Friends the first night and dinner the second night
    • 3-day Meal Plan: $170, without dinner the second night

    For other meal options please contact dchristenson@glwd.org.

    Travel: Please note that when planning travel, it is best to plan to fly to DC on Sunday, September 23 and fly out of DC on the afternoon/evening of September 26. Please do not make travel plans until your registration is confirmed. 


    ACBP 2018 Registration Form