God’s Love We Deliver, New York, NY/NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center/Helmsley Foundation

“Food as medicine: A randomized controlled trial of home delivered, medically tailored meals (MTHDM) on quality of life in metastatic lung and non-colorectal GI cancer patients.”

This study, the first randomized-controlled trial of medically tailored meals as a healthcare intervention, is evaluating standard of care versus standard of care and MTHDM in metastatic lung and non-colorectal GI cancers with primary aim comparing QUOL between 2 arms at 12 weeks using the fact-G questionnaire.

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Community Servings, Boston, MA – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - Evidence For Action

The project, "Evaluating the Food is Medicine Approach on Health," will evaluate the impact of Community Servings' medically tailored meals program on healthcare expenditures, inpatient hospitalizations, and emergency room visits in severely ill and nutritionally vulnerable adults. A description of the project, including outcomes and methodology, is now available on Evidence for Action's website.